The Donkey Fart

Every now and then, something happens in my interaction with Noah that takes me by surprise and reveals some of the gold hidden away inside of a little boy who cannot yet fully express himself verbally.  On my days off, I usually spend some time with Noah going over speech exercises or incorporating speech practice into games.  This particular day I had pulled out all the Little People sets that we owned so we could have some practice making a verbal choice.

Anyway, the game was proceeding in the usual bland way.  “Who do you want to put on the bus?  The sailor or the farmer?  Which animal do you want next for your farm – the cow or the sheep?  What does the cow want to do next – eat or sleep?”

This eventually led to an interaction between a clumsy donkey and Doctor Pig.  “Oh no!  The donkey has fallen off the roof.  Has he got a sore ear or a sore foot?  Okay, Dr. Pig will fix his foot.  Oh no!  The donkey has fallen off the roof again.  Has he got a sore nose or a sore tail?”

Anyhow, “Tail!” was Noah’s choice on this fateful occasion.  Starting to get a bit bored of the game myself, I decided to let Dr. Pig grow a gruff personality and harangue the clumsy donkey before examining his tail,”Okay donkey.  I’m going to look at your tail now.  Whatever you do, don’t blow off in my face.”  Dr. Pig closed in and clumsy donkey let rip blowing the startled Dr. Pig across the room protesting vehemently.

I looked at Noah to find him curled up on the floor, laughing hysterically, with barely any sound coming out and hardly able to breathe.  Of course, the scenario had to be repeated another few times,”You stinky donkey!  You’ve been eating too many beans.  Now don’t you dare blow off this time.”  And off went Noah into another convulsion of laughter.

Well, I discovered that fart jokes are still incredibly funny to a three year old boy with speech apraxia.  Certainly Noah’s sense of humour is intact.  And a certain principle of my family of origin is passed onto the next generation: Farts Are Funny.


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