Dear Noah – You’re finding your voice

Dear Noah,

My little monster – what can I say, but you’ve had an incredible year.  This apraxia thing has not kept you down.  In fact you’re doing your best to beat it.  And I mean stomp all over it.

Dr Noah - Croc gets a needle

Dr Noah – Croc gets a needle

It’s really amazing to see how far you’ve come in just 12 months, or even 3 months.  Not so long ago, I sat in on your speech therapy session and your teacher was asking you to name objects in a book for some sort of test.  I knew that you just could not spontaneously say those words without someone modelling it for you first.  I wanted to step in and say,”He can’t do that.”

But.  But!  If your teacher did the same thing now, just 3 months later, you could do it, buddy!  You’ve had a word explosion.  So many more words are coming out of your little mouth.  And I can understand them.  We can read books and you can fill in the missing words.  I point to a picture and you confidently tell me what it is, without me having to prompt you every time.  Praise God!

Then there was this thing where you just couldn’t say anything with two syllables.  Let’s just forget that, because NOW YOU CAN!  Only a few weeks back I told someone that we’re saying ‘ta’ for thank you because that word was just beyond you.  About turn – we worked on it and now you can say it.  I still have to prompt you for that one, but it’s getting clearer and clearer.

I have such a wonderful memory to play in my mind in the years to come of the night Daddy and I were reading Mr Tickle to you.  Mr Tickle tickled a school teacher and there was a terrible pandemonium.  And Daddy said to you,”Noah, can you say pandemonium?”  Without skipping a beat you said,”Pan-mon-um.”  I think that attempt was as good as most three year olds could do.

Just last night we were reading Zigby and the Monster or ‘Mon-ter!’ as you say.  Along came Ella the …’E-funt’.  I haven’t even practiced that word with you and you gave it a go.  In fact, you are now starting to say words that have not been intentionally taught to you and that is a first.  This week I have heard ‘see saw’ and ‘string’ or at least a fairly recognisable approximation.  Before this, the only words that came out clearly were the ones we had worked on and worked on – when we played and when we read and when we did life.

I’m about to cry typing this, because not so long ago I didn’t think it was possible.  You’re even starting to use two words together…sometimes.  My favourite – “Tools.  Mine!”  Don’t worry little buddy, we know the tools are yours and nobody will try and take them away.  At least, not on my watch and certainly not on yours.  Except when you start to poke people with them or take apart our furniture.  You have plenty of attitude and you know what you want, and how you want it.  And how to let us know when it’s not what you want.

You’re learning to talk.  You’re starting to find your voice.  And one day other people will hear it too.  I know you keep most of your talking for us just now, but you’re coming out of your shell.  You’re going to have a fantastic year at kindy in 2014.  Your words are going to keep on coming.  I’m looking forward to that very first sentence.  Be prepared for Mummy to act a little crazy.

So, little buddy, Mummy and Daddy and big brother Sam love you heaps.  We keep praying for you every day and we know that your friend Jesus is by your side, helping you and cheering you on as you overcome this apraxia.  A lady prayed for me when you were still in my belly and told me,”This is a child of destiny.”  I believe that.  There is plenty of pure gold inside of you, Noah.  We look forward to seeing it revealed bit by bit.  God bless you heaps!

Love Mummy

[PS.  In one of my previous posts I said Noah couldn’t say his big brother’s name yet.  Well, Sam is now ‘Am’.  The ‘s’ sound doesn’t come out in the context of words just yet.  You’ll be happy to know that ‘Am’ is now getting the blame for many things in our home!]


4 thoughts on “Dear Noah – You’re finding your voice

  1. This is my lovable grandson. He is very special and he likes to tease his Grandad with his teddy and race away saying Mine. This is the most loved bear in the world.

  2. This post made my day. I even shared it in my blog. I love hopeful stories like this. My son has no words and just turned 3 and most likely has apraxia. I am praying for a breakthrough. Thanks for the hope! Your son is adorable.

    • Hi! Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s quite a journey and I also love hearing the stories of other families who are dealing with apraxia. After reading a few online, I felt like I should share our story too. I’ll be having a read of your site too! Love the name too and I will be praying for Cooper too.

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