Finding Noah’s Voice – The Christmas Gift

We started the year with one question: Would this be the year that you would talk?  Really talk.  200 words.  That’s what you started the year with.  I know.  I made the list and counted them.   Some of them were even being put into two word phrases.

I dreamed a dream.  You spoke.  Not just a word or two, but sentences.  Flowing sentences.  In my dream I heard your voice and I was happy.  Until I awoke and realised it was just a dream.  I was yet to truly hear your voice.

Well, somewhere in the course of the year, the miracle happened.  You started to speak.  Who could forget the first sentence:  IWANCHEE.  I want cheese.  This followed months of practising the phrase,”I want …” with each word being individually prompted.

We prayed and this is the verse God spoke to me:

1 Chronicles 28:20

Be strong and courageous and DO THE WORK.  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God is with you.  He will not fail you or forsake you.

We buckled down.  We’ve done the work each day – repeating sounds, words, phrases again and again.  And work turned into magic.  You started to talk, putting together phrases and sentences to tell us what you needed, what you wanted and then simply to tell us what you thought.  We’ve been discovering you.

We now know your favourite colour.  We know when you’re unhappy with your brother and why.  I know that you love me – you said it.  I know what you do when I’m not with you, because you can tell me.  We even know that you want a jackhammer for Christmas!

What a year, beautiful boy.  You’ve done it.  You found your voice.  Now we hear you.  What a wonderful Christmas gift and blessing and we thank God for that over and over.  And so, from all of us and especially from Noah, unprompted and with his own voice: “Merry Christmas everybody!”